How is bungee workout different from other forms of training?

In order to understand this form of training we need to look at our muscles as if they were a squad of soldiers.
When you lift dumbbells with your right hand, only Private Biceps is engaged. He swells from effort, develops its power
and size, while other soldiers… wait. Of course, in the next exercises some of them will get their couple of minutes of effort. If you do this sort of exercises, very well. Strong, resilient soldiers are a great foundation to build a solid squad on. However, in order to make the team work efficiently, you have to:

  1. teach everyone cooperation,
  2. allow for verification in real life conditions.

Neither Private Biceps nor Sergeant Quadriceps can learn this skills at any gym. Moreover, we must remember
about the soldiers that are not on the front line, but they are crucial for the right functioning of the squad.
Lieutenant Sacral always stays in the shadows. We only learn about the importance of his role once he stops working properly. The pain it causes makes us forget not only about the exercises, but also about the whole world surrounding us. In order for our squad to learn cooperation and to develop in a balanced way we need to take it to a proper training ground, where we will both teach them cooperation and give them a chance of individual development.

The best training ground for our muscles is precisely bungee workout. In this form of exercises we put the whole muscular system to work, developing both its strength and the endurance of the whole body. At the same time we do not make any sort of muscles grow too big in relation to other ones, building a slick, fit body.

Moreover, working with a bungee rope presents us with additional possibilities. It allows us to neutralise some of our limitations on the one hand, and move past the limitations imposed by the training equipment used before on the other.

If your arms are too weak to do push-ups, with a bungee rope it is not a problem anymore. Do you want to feel like a bird taking off? Well, this time your dreams may come true.