The bungee workout set is composed of many elements, including special fixings, a dedicated swivel, loops regulating the level of suspension and a harness fitting the size of the body (XS, S, M, L, XL). The most important element of the set
is a professionally intertwined bungee ropes, the parameters of which are made suitable for the weight and experience
of the user. Standard ropes are designed in the ranges: up to 60, 60+ to 80, 80+ to 100. Endurance parameters of other elements of the set guarantee endurance of at least 23 kN (ca. 2345 kg).

The minimum height of the fixing in relation to the floor is 3 m. The maximum recommended height is 6 m.
The equipment is mounted on a hook or a structural element. Attention! Before mounting always make sure
that the superstructure is endurant enough to hold the weight.