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Would you rather concentrate on more individual training to suit your needs? Do you want to achieve your desired results in a quick and efficient way? You can do it with Bungee Workout! Call us and make an appointment.

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Group training motivates! If you enjoy exercising in a group, cyclical Bungee Workout training is a great idea for you to spend time actively, burn some calories and gain strength in a great atmosphere. Sign up for group training today!

Group training

Exercises on bungee workout ropes give not only the enormous joy of “flying” but, above all, it gaves a positive affect for the motor abilities of our youngest athletes. Due to the unlimited possibility of composition, games, arrangements, work with the use of our equipment will never get bored for […]

Kids Bungee

TUESDAY 17:00-18:00 Bungee Workout Fat burning 18:15-19:15 Bungee Workout Basic FRIDAY 16:00-17:00  Bungee Workout Kids ( 8-12 years old) 17:15-18:15 Bungee Workout Fat burning


The idea of using a bungee rope to transfer choreographies from a horizontal level into three-dimensional space was born in Asian dance schools. Local artists searching for the possibility of dynamically floating in space discovered the exceptional qualities of a bungee rope. By perfecting the artistic dimension they observed additional […]