Dance schools training service

The idea of using a bungee rope to transfer choreographies from a horizontal level into three-dimensional space was born in Asian dance schools. Local artists searching for the possibility of dynamically floating in space discovered the exceptional qualities of a bungee rope. By perfecting the artistic dimension they observed additional advantages of this method translating into improvements in both fitness and endurance of the participants.

If you are interested in adapting this at your school, we invite you to contact us. We will deliver complete, professional equipment, we will train the personnel, we will supply sufficient training material, and we will also help you promote the initiative. Exercising on the bungee workout ropes not only give the great fun of “flying”, but first and foremost they improve the locomotive and motor capabilities of our youngest sportsmen. Thanks to the unlimited possibilities of compositions, plays, and choreographies, work with our equipment will never be boring, even for the most demanding little ones.