The idea of using a bungee rope to transfer choreographies from a horizontal level into three-dimensional space was born in Asian dance schools. Local artists searching for the possibility of dynamically floating in space discovered the exceptional qualities of a bungee rope. By perfecting the artistic dimension they observed additional […]

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The bungee workout equipment is perfectly suited to be used in a professional fitness club or a gym. Our innovative training for allows for the development of both endurance and the muscular system of the body. The most spectacular effects are achieved for the spine core muscles. The use of […]

Fitness club and gym training service

We offer five different Bungee Workout courses: Basic Fat Burning Dance Kids Advanced The price of one course is 1400 PLN.* For experienced coaches we also offer fast-track courses (without the theoretical part). Course discounts available with the purchase of Bungee Workout equipment.** If you wish to obtain more specific […]

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